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M​i​rror Maze

A challenging adventure for kids and ​the ​kids-at-heart. ​You'll surely have fun figuring your next turn through mirror pathways​. The infinite reflections and corridors will challenge​ your decision-making prowess.

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Trick Art

​Play-act with artworks as if you are part of every frame. Post your ​amazing-looking​ photos ​in​ ​I​nstagram, ​F​acebook and ​T​witter!

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​​3D Enchanted Forest Garden​

​Interact with nature in this magical walk-through experience. This room is simply awesome​, you'll feel the surroundings growing in you and you, flowing in it!

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Science Zone

​​Enjoy​ some interactive activities in this area and learn a few facts about General Science!​ We make it funky!​

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Ames Room

A camera trick of perspective. What it is in this room that can turn you to into a giant or a dwarf? Choose your fantasy height with a friend standing next to you.

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Other Amenities

​​Optical Illusion Wall, Kids Learning Nook, Costume Room, Wall of Dreams, Wow! Pinoy Wall, Subic Bay History Corner, Be a President for a moment, Grass Slide, Garden Maze Adventure, Basic Team Building Activities, Koi Pond, Trampoline, Picnic Area, Fun Cafeteria, Fun Souvenir Shop and More!​

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Bldg. 2070, Corregidor Highway, East Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

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Phone: 047 250 3099
Moblie: 0998 530 9377

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